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डाउनलोडइकाई का नामनिविदा संख्यानिविदा का शीर्षकप्रकाशन दिनांकअंतिम तिथिपरिशिष्ट
INDIA GOVT. MINT, KOLKATA54/T-37(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4967173Hiring of services for Modification & Up-gradation of Wire Drawing Machine2024-05-23 17:00:002024-06-22 15:30:00
INDIA GOVT. MINT, KOLKATA54/T-36(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4966989Procurement of PSA Nitrogen Generation plant2024-05-23 17:00:002024-06-22 15:30:00
INDIA GOVT MINT, KOLKATA54/T-31(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4944921Procurement of Lead Fume arrester with Scrubber2024-05-23 17:00:002024-06-22 15:00:00
INDIA GOVT. MINT, KOLKATA54/T-29(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4941585Procurement of Surface Roughness Tester2024-05-23 12:00:002024-06-20 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-84(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4945817Electronic Key Management System at India Government Mint Kolkata2024-05-22 17:00:002024-06-21 15:00:00
INDIA GOVT. MINT, KOLKATA54/T-30(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4945054Procurement of Vault for storing precious metals for melting department2024-05-21 10:30:002024-06-20 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-21(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4918002Hiring of Services for Removal of Waste Material from Different Locations of India Government Mint Kolkata2024-05-18 11:00:002024-06-17 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-28(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4938494Procurement of Printers2024-05-18 11:00:002024-06-15 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-28(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4938466Procurement of Scanners2024-05-18 11:00:002024-06-15 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-32(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4952962Procurement of Servers2024-05-18 11:00:002024-06-17 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-26(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4937114Procurement of Medal/Coin Stamping Press2024-05-16 16:00:002024-06-15 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-24 (24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4935145Repairing of Existing Fume Hood at Assay Dept., IGMK2024-05-14 18:00:002024-06-13 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-39(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4941939Procurement of Fifty(50) Numbers of Desktop Computers2024-05-14 15:00:002024-05-25 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-23(24-25)/6000018774PROCUREMENT OF TIA CONTROL FOR MRH - 5 (PAC)2024-05-13 17:00:002024-07-01 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-18(24-25)/6000018769Annual Repairing and Maintenance Operation of Civil related works for FY 2024-252024-05-13 17:00:002024-06-12 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-17(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4900941Procurement of Packaging Items2024-05-10 17:00:002024-05-31 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-66 (22-23)/GEM/2024/B/4930981HIRING OF ONE NUMBER OF INNOVA CRYSTA FOR CGM (TC&M) FOR A PERIOD OF 12 MONTHS2024-05-10 16:00:002024-05-22 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-149(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4875998Procurement of Furniture for Visitor Room2024-05-10 11:00:002024-06-10 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-83(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4899910SITC of 1 Nos. 11 kV Outgoing VCB at the New HT Switch House at IGMK2024-05-08 13:00:002024-06-07 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-82(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4899755SITC of 2 Nos. 1250 Amp. ACB Bus Coupler in the LTDB of Power Load at the Sub Station2024-05-08 13:00:002024-06-07 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-15(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4891119Hiring of Logistic Services for transportation of Commemorative coins Souvenir Coins Medals Medallions Bars Others from India Government Mint Kolkata to various customers located across various States Union Territories in India2024-05-06 16:00:002024-06-04 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-07(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4886837CONVERSION OF FINE SILVER (999) INGOTS INTO OVAL SHAPED SILVER (92.5% PURITY) PLATE HAVING FINISHED WEIGHT 500 G, QTY. 1000 PCS. & OVAL SHAPED SILVER (92.5% PURITY) PLATE HAVING FINISHED WEIGHT 85 G, QTY. 500 PCS2024-05-06 15:00:002024-05-17 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-14(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4882626Hiring of IT Manpower for Maintaining IT Infrastructure at India Government Mint Kolkata2024-05-04 11:00:002024-06-03 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-05(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4868818Procurement of Rolling Mill Machine for R&D Department2024-05-02 16:00:002024-06-01 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54T/T-13 (24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4882232Hiring of Services for Comprehensive AMC of Full-Height Turnstile Gate2024-05-02 15:00:002024-05-31 15:30:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/t-117(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4880964Design, Manufacture, Supply, Installation, Commissioning, Testing of Special Purpose Blanking Press2024-04-27 14:00:002024-05-27 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-11(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4878636Procurement of circulation coin collars for Rs.2/-, Rs.10/- and Rs.20/- for Coining Department2024-04-26 17:00:002024-05-17 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-04(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4866193Procurement of Packing Materials for Annual Requirement of Dispatch Section2024-04-25 12:00:002024-05-25 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-06(24-25)/GEM/B/4875867Hiring of Service for Fogging treatment, Larvicidal treatment etc. in IGMK CGM Bungalow, Officers Campus and Guest House2024-04-24 15:00:002024-05-24 15:30:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-03(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4876537Refining and Manufacturing of Pure Silver ingots from 18 MT QA Silver2024-04-20 13:00:002024-06-03 15:00:00
Tender DocumentIndia Government Mint Kolkata54/T-73(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4821519Supply, Installation, Commissioning & Training of High Precision Weighing Balance, minimum 15 Kg.2024-04-12 14:00:002024-05-13 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-151(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4826285Procurement of MS Office Professional Plus 2021 SLng LTSC2024-04-10 15:00:002024-05-10 15:30:00
Tender DocumentIndia Government Mint Kolkata54/T-01(24-25)/GEM/2024/B/4820113Annual Procurement of Various Packing Materials on Annual Rate Contract Basis for FY 2024 25.2024-04-08 15:00:002024-05-08 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-147(23-24)/4817251Procurement of Lifebuoy Soaps and Soap bar2024-04-02 15:00:002024-05-09 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-146(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4812091Procurement of Weighing Balance2024-03-30 15:00:002024-04-22 15:00:00परिशिष्ट
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-113(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4825078AMC of Floor Standing AC’s, 16.5 TR ductable packaged AC’s, 22 TR ductable packaged AC, Split AC’s in various section and Windows AC’s in Various Sections of India Government Mint, Kolkata2024-03-29 16:00:002024-04-19 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-145(23-24)/6000018725PROCUREMENT OF SPARES OF SCAN COIN PACKAGING LINE (PAC)2024-03-28 17:00:002024-04-18 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-114(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4823215Procurement of High Density Graphite Crucible2024-03-28 15:00:002024-04-24 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-136(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4800241Hydraulic oil leakage repairing of 1250T Sack & Kiesselbach Hobbing Press in Die Department2024-03-28 11:00:002024-04-27 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-141(23-24)/6000018708CIVIL AND ELECTRICAL RENOVATION WORKS AT COINING SCAN COIN AND BOSCH PACKAGING LINE OF INDIA GOVERNMENT MINT, KOLKATA2024-03-26 18:00:002024-04-25 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-142(23-24)/6000018710Civil works for IT Training Room2024-03-26 17:00:002024-04-25 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-89(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4783894Procurement of Motors for High Speed Coin Stamping Press of India Government Mint Kolkata2024-03-22 16:00:002024-05-27 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-143(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4795671Procurement of Defender Prime Safe2024-03-21 16:30:002024-05-07 15:00:00  
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-138(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4807430Procurement of Die Steel Rods for India Government Mint Kolkata2024-03-21 11:00:002024-04-20 15:00:00
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-134(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4726438S. I. T. C. of Vertical Continuous Casting Plant2024-03-15 17:30:002024-05-27 15:00:00  
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-131(23-24)/GEM/2024/B/4665132S. I. T. C. of 45 KW Vacuum Gold Bar Making Machine2024-03-01 16:00:002024-04-18 15:00:00Corrigendum I
भारत सरकार टकसाल, कोलकाता54/T-179(22-23)/GEM/2023/B/4254810Procurement of Progressive distributor in India Government Mint, Kolkata2023-11-30 11:40:002024-04-22 15:00:00